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Music & Experiences:

We are a Worcester, MA independent
record label established in 1997
and we have lots of news!
We are finishing Matthew Hopewell's
new music for Cowboy Matt Hopewell,
and a new album of my own, Torbin Harding songs.
Cowboy Matt's new 9 song full length album is deep, roots,
Psychedelic Blues Rock music.
My new full length album of songs is titled
Free Up The Love In The Galaxy,
and hearkens back to my Jam band roots.

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As well there is a link to my new music blogs above,
the blogs were inspired by the Dead Kennedys
& my backstage attendance to a
Slightly Stoopid concert in Providence,RI
thanks to my old friend, bandmate
and Slightly Stoopid soundman Josh Driscoll.

We have added a
music store at the bottom of the site.
For your convenience thanks to CDBaby.
Next, we are promoting Matt Hopewell's classic album VIVA PSYCHEDELIA,
below with a free song Leopard Onion Pelt (just left click & save)
& a Free MP3 of the new song Definitely Love
by me, Torbin Harding.
Lastly we have added our twitter feed at the bottom of the page.
the twitter feed shows all our latest thoughts
and news.

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Matthew Hopewell - Viva Psychedelia
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or CDBaby).

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Matthew M.K. Hopewell: Viva Psychedelia

Featured recordings:

1)Matthew Hopewell- Leopard Onion Pelt
Click player or link to listen
℗ & © 2009Lo-Z Records

2) Torbin Harding - Definitely Love
Click player or link to listen
℗ & © 2012 Lo-Z Records

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Lo-Z Records is a Record & Publishing Company of all styles.
Including CD Audio Mastering & Mobile Live Recording.